Essay about The Day The Sky Will Open Again

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Lucas awoke from bed the same as he had on most mornings before, stretching and rubbing his eyes as a ray of sunlight arced its way across his bed. Normally inclined to cover himself and sleep an extra few minutes, Lucas knew that wasn’t an option today. Today was the day something very special would happen.
After quickly dressing himself, he checked the calendars to ensure this was the day. He checked the barometers, the thermometers, he checked every instrument he had. They all corroborated what Lucas already knew about this day, but now Lucas was absolutely sure. Today was the day of the anomaly, the day the sky would open again.

Lucas was a young man who worked as a weather surveyor, living in a windmill atop a hill that overlooks his village below. It was Lucas’ job to observe and report on the weather, and act as a warning before storms rolled in, as this was a problem in their region. Every morning Lucas would record the output of each of his instruments to draw conclusions of the upcoming weather. Over the years that he has lived and worked in the windmill, Lucas began to notice a peculiar pattern only visible from his towering home, one that prompted further investigation. Though understood to be a brilliant young man and the best in his field, the Academic community would not accept Lucas’ outlandish claims of a “gateway in the sky.” Lucas was alone until he could find credible proof.

Setting up, Lucas peered his head out the window to see the anomaly he’d seen…

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