The Day That I, By Heather Kubel Essay

1282 Words Nov 10th, 2015 null Page
October 12th. The day that I,Heather Kubel, a freshman at Sierra Lutheran High School, would have embedded in my memory forever. The day that I will always be able to remember the exact details, despite the shudder that would come from recalling it. I had had a pretty basic life up to now. I had an older brother in college and two parents who had taken me to church every Sunday since I was a little girl; despite the fact that my father and the rest of my family were Jewish. Sure, my mom had shown some questioning character traits the past few years, but I never thought it would get this far. My mom had been acting strange for a few years but she had never accused me of an act that would make me question everything I ever thought of when I thought of my relationship with my dad. From the moment my mom accused me of sleeping with my dad, my world changed upside down. The second those judgemental and accusatory words came out of my mom’s mouth and bounced off the walls to my ears, I completely fell apart and felt all the oxygen leave my lungs. If someone could knock the wind out of a person using words, my mother’s were sure harsh enough to do so. I left my mom’s side and ran upstairs to the only place in the house that I felt like I would finally be able to catch my breath again; the observatory. It was a pretty small room but it was circular and contained windows that allowed you to see the entire valley of her small town. Like a perfect tragic movie scene, the rain fell…

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