Essay about The Day - Original Writing

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The day had come for Taehyung and you to have lunch with your parents and he showed up at your door particularly dressed to impress. Even if he looked like he was about to play a round of golf, you knew your mother especially would eat it up.
You were mostly quiet on the way to the restaurant, nervously nit picking at the hem of your light blue sundress and fidgeting with your thumbs while staring out the window of his car and sighing occasionally. He asked what’s wrong multiple times, even if he already knew, but you would shrug at his questions and continue being silent.
You knew you weren’t being fair to Taehyung, and you were more frustrated at yourself than anything, but it was easy to be grumpy with him because he allowed you to have your moment without prying too hard.
“Are you ready?” He asked, pulling up to the door to allow valet to take his car. You could tell they were thinking the worst, as if the two of you didn’t belong, as they stared with their heads cocked to the side. You rolled your eyes, then turned to Taehyung and nodded before stepping out of the car.
“Taehyung…” you called his name, pulling him by the arm before walking into the restaurant, “don’t get too cute today. Let’s just get through this lunch and then it’s over, okay?”
He pursed his lips and nodded, then the two of you headed inside. The host was already expecting you, and guided you past the many tables of older couples in pairs having brunch to your seats where your parents were waiting.…

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