Essay The Day Of The Wedding Banquet Hall

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In a busy airport, a government DRIVER is holding the sign of “Welcome home, Son of Official Lu.” MING, in his 30s, stops in front of him. Ming has been living and working in Toronto for nine years, but quitted his job recently. The driver takes him to the wedding banquet hall of the groom FONG and the pregnant bride XIAO CAO. In the banquet hall, we are introduced to the groom’s mother MAO MAO, Mao Mao’s sister LING, and Ling’s husband LU, the newly appointed chief of the Beijing Environmental Bureau. When Ming enters the banquet, people surround him and ask him whether he has a girlfriend, when he wants to get married, and if he wants to meet their daughter. A couple insists Ming to meet their daughter XIAO CAO. Getting tired of all these, Ming quickly escapes from them. The day of the wedding is Grandpa’s 80th birthday, but the celebration got pushed behind to later because of the wedding. Grandpa seems angry, and he walks away from the hotel. Ming follows after him. As they walk, Granpa complains how his bird won’t learn to say a single thing after long years. Ming takes Granpa back to hotel. Inside the hotel, Mao Mao keeps insisting Ming to get married and tells Ling that she should start looking for an apartment for Ming to live when he gets married. On the side, Ming asks Fong if YAYA, Ming’s maid’s daughter, is coming to the party.

Meanwhile, Lu is having a meeting in the hallway with his young assistant MEI and the President JIANG of Huayi Company. When Ling comes…

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