The Day Of The School Year Essay

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It’s the last day of the school year! The kids and teachers could not be happier! It’s the begging of the summer of “1991” the best decade people say, the 90s. I lived in San Jose ca. You did it, you graduated kindergarten! Moving on up too first grade. It was time to celebrate. Mom and dad say; let’s go to Red Lobster. Sitting outside on the wooden benches, waiting for the table to be ready. That’s by the big lobster tank. The lobsters swimming around in it just waiting for the next person to come along to choose their fate. Sitting outside on those wooden benches holding the gadget in my hand that blinks red and vibrates when your table is ready. Talking about the school year and all the great things we did that year. My dad talking about the new or the next electronic coming out next. Having to have it. My mom talking about what’s going on at the next brownie meet ugh the horror of girl scots brownies. Then your mom being one of the top leaders for my group. She always did a great job at it though. Everyone always seemed to want to call her mom. I don’t think so, only my close friends were allowed to call her mom. When the buzzer would start vibrating, I would get so excited. Let’s go let’s go, come on! Running to the doors with the smell of spring in the air, and crab mixed in. knowing that a great time was ahead.
My father was done with his last class of night school down at the college. To be a plumber in the union, and not just any Plummer a commercial industrial…

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