The Day Of The Last Rock Fight Essay

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Every decision we make ultimately impacts our surroundings. Taking the time to think through before acting is an important strategy in decision-making. However, this does not always allow someone to make a better decision. In both short stories, “The Day of the Last Rock Fight” by Joseph Whitehill and “Lather and Nothing Else” by Hernando Tellez, the protagonists determine caution and care in deciding their course of action, which subsequently results in a negative impact on their lives. Whitehill and Tellez both feature the protagonists in their stories as cautious and thoughtful during their decision making process. In Whitehill’s story, Ronnie thinks thoroughly while deciding if he should tell the authorities about the murder, his friend, Peter commits. Ronnie shows his scrupulous attention to detail while recalling Sergeant Gorman’s investigation, “I remembered seeing Sergeant Gorman pick up Gene’s cap half full of rocks. Gravel rocks taken from the low bank of the creek. Now, I figured that Sergeant Gorman wouldn’t have been a Sergeant if he was stupid, and unless he was stupid he wouldn’t go on for long thinking that Gene had fallen from above when the cap half full of rocks said he’d been down below all the time!” (Whitehill 10). Ronnie is characterized as sharp-witted in the story and it is further exemplified by this quotation. His memory of the Sergeant’s investigation signifies how thoughtful Ronnie is during his decision making since he remembers that the…

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