Essay on The Day Of The Indians

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Nine seconds left before halftime, the Indians only needs three points to be tied with the wildcats; number ten shoots for a tying score for the Indians. The crowed is on there toes, SWISH the Indian fans go wild, he made the shot and the score in now twenty six: twenty six. This basketball game is where it all started, I thought I met the guy of my dreams.

I was a senior cheerleader for the Indians and my mother was working in the concession stand that night so my friend Kira and I decided to go get some food. We got up from the far right corner of the gym and started walking toward the left corner to the door on which the concession stand is at. As we walked through the double doors I looked up and seen a guy name Trey. I looked him up and down than we made eye contact and we smiled at eachother. I new trey from some mutual friends; he was older than me by three years, he was twenty one and I was eighteen at the time. The game went by really fast after halftime, I was extremely bubbly for some reason. The Indians took the win with the final score of twenty six to forty six.

The next day right around noon I received a message on facebook from Trey asking me about the up and down look I gave him and he asked if we could hang out soon. Of course, I said yes and told him whenever he wanted to hangout to just text me and I gave him my number. Later on that day which was probably around seven thirty I received a text message from him asking if I wanted to go back roading…

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