The Day Of The Holy Spirit Essay

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Confirmation Retreat Some of the most unforgettable moments in my life lies within this event called the Confirmation retreat. In Catholicism, a "retreat" means spending time to connect with God. This retreat was a trip required by the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine: Assumption of Mary church. My classmates and I had to attend this retreat in order to receive our Confirmation sacrament, one out of the seven sacraments that are required in a Catholic 's life. In Confirmation, one is blessed with the gift of the Holy Spirit. It can be compared to a high school graduation, but for Catholic school. Throughout this trip, I made new friends, became more sociable, and strengthened my belief in God 's teaching. Initially, when I first heard about having to go to this retreat, I did not like the idea. I had never gone so far from home for more than a day without my parents. Additionally, I could care less about participating in a Catholic event because I was never really religious for most part of my life. Knowing that I would have to interact with others did not make it any better for me. I was never a person who likes to socialize. All of this made me want to just stay home. Upon arrival at Camp Abbey, we unloaded our belongings from the bus and began settling into our assigned rooms. After putting all of the stuff into our rooms, we were called outside to listen to the instructors. Then, they split us into five groups. In my group, we had seven people, including me. The…

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