The Day Of The Holiday - Original Writing Essay

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“You’re sure you’re telling me everything?" Alex asked me on the way to school. He was holding my...what do I call this thing? There has to be a cooler name than just, weapon.
“Yes, I told you every detail,” I answered. “Why are you so worried about me leaving something out?"
“Because I’m not sure I would have told you everything." He handed my weapon back to me.
I raised my eyebrows, “Oh, yes, you would have!" My voice was an octave higher.
His shoulders were shaking, “I knew that’d get a rise out of you." He was smiling playfully.
“Don’t do that." I smiled back at him. “You would tell me, right?" I know he’d tell me because I’d beat it out of him.
With school releasing early, many of the students were already gone for the holiday. Rhonda was gone too because her family had Thanksgiving upstate. She wouldn’t be back until late Sunday night.
The parking lot was nearly empty when Alex pulled in. He walked me to class and I didn’t see him again Math let out. I kinda liked school getting out early. Normally, we didn’t walk to the car together because our classes were on opposite ends of the school, but today both our classes had been in the main school building. Back in the car on the way home, Alex looked like he had eaten sour candy. “Hey, I need to tell you something."
My eyebrows knitted together, “Yeah…?”
He took a deep breath, “I got a call between classes. I’m leaving as soon as I get you home. My host family is going out of town, and all of their family is meeting…

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