The Day Of The Event Essay

1064 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 null Page
On the day of the event, I became hesitant in my choice of attending the lecture. I knew what the lecture was scheduled to be about, but I questioned if I would be welcomed to participate, even with it being open to the public. The atmosphere on campus inspired me. Every couple of feet, the NC State emblem is built into the sidewalk with white bricks on a maroon background. Seeing the different ethnicities of students as I walked to the Talley Student Union was different from what I had become accustomed to with working on the campus of a historically black college/university.
The environment in the Talley Student Union felt welcoming with students scattered on every level of the four-story building. Light filled the center of the building because there were no walls blocking out the natural light from the sun, only clear glass to give the building its enlightened look. Every step taken in finding my way to the room where the event was scheduled, my apprehension eased of being an African-American male about to attend an even for the LGBT community. Walking in, I found myself to be one of the first people there, and I chose to sit in the back of the room.
My experience during the event was an educational one, but I felt some microaggressions from the lecturer in his statements concerning heterosexuals. As people entered the room, I began to think of how they might identify, if they wondered why I was there, could they tell if I was there for my own personal reasons, and…

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