Essay on The Day Of The Death Sheet

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Maribelle woke up to an empty bed. Her body ached for Harry, but she knew he was at work. She got out of bed, and started to dress. Usually by now, Niall or Louis would be up with her breakfast. She wondered if they had been running late. Her mind raced to thoughts of Harry, and last night. The sweet caresses, the steamy kisses, and the love that bonded them together forever. She couldn’t wait to be with him tonight. After dressing, she looked outside of her bedroom door. The house was silent, and that is when the panic started to seep through her veins. Her eyes widened as she hurried to her parents room. Both of them were gone, so it wasn’t her mother. She ran past the sobbing maids, and out into the fields. Her parents stood above the death sheet. Every time one of the workers died her father would cover their body with the same white sheet. The white sheet was covering another worker, and her heart sunk to her stomach. Was it Niall? Was it Louis or Liam? If it was Harry, no she couldn’t think like that. She hurried over to her parents, and that is when her worst fear was confirmed. The large left hand with the silver rings was out of the sheet. The worker that had died was her own true love. It was the boy she had seen only a matter of hours ago. Harry was dead. She looked up with watery eyes at the three boys that she claimed as friends. They all looked at her with expressions of sorrow and apologies. She couldn’t fall to her knees, and hug him like she wanted. She…

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