The Day Of The Afc Championship Game Essays

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January 18, 2015, was the day of the AFC Championship game in the NFL. This game would determine who from the American Football Conference would represent the conference in Superbowl forty-nine. The game taking place in Foxborough, Massachusetts at Gillette Stadium was already an important game in the NFL, but after the win by the New England Patriots some controversy began to take place, when the New England Patriots were accused of deflating the footballs. Though this is the most recent controversial topic in the NFL; this season has been packed with several; Michael Sam being released, the reversed call against the Detroit Lions, and the challenging of a catch in the Green Bay game. Saturday August 30, 2014, Michael Sam was released from the St. Louis Rams. Although this action happens frequently in the NFL, this time some speculation came with it. Michael Sam is the first and only openly gay NFL player at the time. NFL fans questioned why they would let Sam go, especially with statistics like his. The former University of Missouri tight-end ended his collegiate career with a total of 10.5 sacks; thus making him a prime candidate for the NFL. Fans were highly upset with the news of him being released, questioning whether it was because of his sexual orientation or other reasons. No investigations were made in the case, causing fans to be more upset than before. Sam was later signed to the Dallas Cowboys practice team, though he was again let go. January 4, 2015 started…

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