The Day Of September 11 Essay

1083 Words Feb 27th, 2016 null Page
The idea of a narrative is to tell a story, the events occurring on the day of September 11, 2001 will provide an opportunity to relay my feelings, moving beyond the initial pure and basic anger at those responsible for such a desperate act. The image shows two emergency responders in the cloud of debris left by the collapse of the Trade Centers and what drew me to this picture is what they must have been talking about. The questions and issues I initially considered included: the loss of life; the tremendous devastation; and are there more survivors, where these possibilities could only be confirmed by talking to the individuals in the picture. Instead, I decided that the picture will be used as a metaphor to relay my awareness of the incident, with the image highlighting the evolution and changing of my feelings from that day and moving forward, which began with anger and vengeance, later to be modified to appreciation and gratitude for those who would risk their lives for others. While I do not know anyone in New York and have never visited the site, which has now been replaced with a memorial, the need for the younger generations to appreciate the significance of the tragedy in its entirety is essential. As I reviewed past historical events, they are quick to move forward, where tragedies such as the Holocaust, the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster, and the seemingly endless attacks by terrorists on airliners are soon forgotten. I think it…

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