Essay about The Day Of My Existence

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"Damon, I thought you were getting ready for that masquerade tonight," Alaric greeted.

I 'm not going to hurt Jenna to get to Damon. Also, I 'm starting to enjoy the company of Ric. I mean, he 's great company! So yeah, I 'm not going to kill Alaric.

"I was. You know me though, always need a bit of bourbon before anything like that," Damon replied with a smirk, though it fell once he caught sight of me, "Lana..."

I let off an egotistical smirk before nodding, "Long time no see, Damey."

A look of confusion came upon both Jenna and Ric 's faces.

"You know each other? How?" Jenna asked with a smile.

I gave her the vague truth by telling her we met three years ago at a bar. I mean, technically it was thirty years ago but we did meet at a bar. The worse day of my existence.

"You know what, why don 't you take Elena 's invitation? You could get to know a few people," Jenna suggested.

Perfect. Without realising it, Jenna made my day!

"That sounds magnificent, Jenna! You never seise to amaze me," I praised before dismissing myself.

I need to go root for a suitable dress, it shouldn 't be too hard.

How wrong was I? It took me about half an hour to find an appropriate dress, then another half of an hour to find the perfect shoes to go with the outfit. (Picture of outfit to the side)
I curled my hair before pinning back to pieces from each side to the back. To finish it off I added a bit of makeup and jewellery. By the end it was time to set off.…

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