Essay about The Day Of Little House On The Prairie

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My husband’s family moved to town when he was about 6 years old. His sister told me of the time friends were not allowed to play with her and she was sent to the end of the line during her religious education classes due to her parents being divorced. During that time, communities centered on the church and the fellowship it gave. Television consisted of shows such as Little House on the Prairie in which the towns’ people attended church every Sunday, and the entire community revolved around Christian values, morals and fellowship of that church. What has changed in todays’ world and culture? Watching television today, we no longer see programs demonstrating children growing up with Christian moral values instilled upon them attending church every week. The day of Little House on the Prairie has been replaced with reality television, CSI programs and soap operas. The religious education classes still continue, but no more segregation due to an action that was not recognized by the church. Culture today has not only changes in the personal field with the lack of the sanctity of marriage, increased divorce rates, immodest dressing, sexual immorality, dishonesty, abortion, alcohol, and the list continues on. These changes in are passed on to all walks of life. I will explore the vocation of nursing and how today’s societal changes have enriched the spiritual aspect of patient care. Medicine historically centered on providing holistic care which integrated…

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