The Day I Stopped Touching Essay

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The Day I Stopped Touching
You know how some people don’t like others to touch their belongings without their permission? Well that’s how my mom is and she is very strict about those kinds of things. Like most people were, when I was little we loved touching everything, despite the ban of grownups. My mom always said that I couldn’t touch her possessions unless she said to do so, even if it was mine or someone gave it to me. The reason why is that because in Haiti, if a grown up gives a child something, such as food, gifts, clothes or toys, you have to give it to your parents or guardians. One hot summer day, my mom’s friend, Wisline, came to visit us. She was in her 30 's, with no kids, 5 feet 4 inches tall, and she had short black curly hair. That day she was wearing a blue jeans and a black shirt that said “J’aime Haiti"(I love Haiti). Even though I was really happy to see her because she is a wonderful person, lovely and caring, she gave me something that would later teach me a lesson.
It was about 2:00 in the afternoon, I think it was Friday because my mother is always at home on Friday, when WIsline come to visit us. Wisline and my mother were talking in the living room , while me, my friends and my little cousin were playing hide and seek on the gallery. I was hiding when I heard Wisline calling me.
"Tacoucoute (my nickname), Tacoucoutte?? I have something for you! She said.
I went to her, and she handed me a bag. When I look into it, the bag contained an apple. You…

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