Essay on The Day I Graduated High School

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The day I graduated high school in Nicaragua marks the day I realized I had to give my hardest goodbye, to my dog Dulce. Throughout my whole life I’ve been accustomed to having dogs in the house, taking them out for walks, teaching them how to do tricks, having them sleep by my feet on my bed. Leaving Dulce was going to be tough for me because I was going to miss how she would cuddle as I would make a circle with my legs, I was going to miss waking up to her licking my face so that I could take her on a walk in the morning, I was going to miss seeing her expression of ecstasy as she would bring us back a recently hunted lizard as gift for us, and the thing I was going to miss the most about her was her affectionate and self-effacing personality, not having changed one bit even though she has lived through painful experiences. She brought a lot of happiness into my life; she was the kindest dog I’ve ever met. Her name literally means sweet, so it fit very well with her. As I prepared to leave for Canada for my post secondary education, I messaged my sister and asked her what she thought about getting a dog; she loved the idea.
Having moved into our own house in Canada, my sister and I noticed how empty our home was without hearing a dog’s bark, or having any dog toys laying on the ground. We immediately decided to purchase a dog; the journey had started. On Kijiji, we noticed that a breeder from a farm town two hours away from Kitchener was selling a Pomeranian. This puppy…

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