The Day Before The Industrial Revolution Essay

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Before answering the question we first need to understand what the term Family means. The term family has changed through the years in our society from a public social institution to a private one because of social, cultural, political, and economic situations. Before the industrial revolution the term family meant extend family. Extend family means a large group of relatives or “kin” usually three or more living together or close by. After the industrial revolution the term family changed again to nuclear family. Nuclear family means a heterosexual couple in their own house hold rising a child. The term family according to our text book is defined nowadays as a social group where the members are bound by some type of tie like legal, biological, or emotional tie, a combination of all three (Ferris, P.353).
After understanding the ever changing definition of the term family through our society evolution. We see the different types of family we can understand the different variations by giving an example of each.
Back in the day before the industrial revolution you would see extend family living in one house or close by. An example of this would be the Walton’s T.V. series. In the Walton’s we see all the Walton’s living on Walton’s mountain. In one house we see Grandpa Walton and Grandma Walton living with John their son and his wife Libby and their children John-Boy, Marry Ellen, Jason, Erin, Ben, Jim-Bob, and Elizabeth and occasionally other members of the family would…

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