The Darkest Days Of My Life Essay

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The darkest days of my life in Georgia occurred when we started our new family with my mother’s second husband. I hated him. I thought he was a stupid oaf. He was not though. I misunderstood things often as a child. He was actually a good man for many years. We just had a rough start. Firstly, I have forgiven him for all the bad that he did because of all the good that he did for my family. We went from hating him to calling him Dad by the time his infidelity ended the marriage.
I remember him as being violent. The truth about that matter is that I can only recall two times where he was violent towards me and I instigated each one. He and my mother fought often. I do not recall seeing them fight, but I know on a few occasions that Mother called the police because they exchanged blows. In my mind, he was a wife beater. I am not sure how often this occurred, but once was enough for me as a kid. Every time my mother made a peep, I became alert to the fact that he could have hurt her.
I learned how I irritated him during Mom’s hospitalization for some illness related to her heart. This event left us to the care of the husband. I suppose my stepfather felt the stress with the pressure of taking care of us while Mom recovered in the hospital. In a whirlwind of emotion, he paraded through our rental home going on about some item with which someone had tampered.
I, trying to show the seriousness of my not having tampered with that item, said, “I didn’t do it and you could give…

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