The Dark Days : Social Network Essay

1364 Words Sep 29th, 2015 6 Pages
In the film Dark Days, we witnessed how groups of people, who share the same space, support each other both physically and emotionally. The same concept, or sense of community, can be applied to social media and networks created online. In fact, online communities are actually referred to as “new communities,” essentially, a community unburdened by things such as geography. Using social network analysis, which according to Katherine Giuffre (2013), “concentrates on relations among the members of a system rather than on the individual attributes of those members” (p. 3), we can see a much larger picture of a network or community. This means that studying how social media users are related to each other instead of making one user, the focus can show more patterns and trends that could be important. The social network structure is composed of nodes, which can represent an individual or group, and ties, which show the link between different nodes. A diagram or visual representation is often helpful to see complex connections during network analysis. A sociogram is the visual representation of the nodes and their corresponding ties, and graphing theory is used to mathematically analyze this visual representation (Giuffre, 2013, pp. 6-7). A sociogram can sometimes get confusing if the ties between nodes are very dense, so I personally prefer to think of real life examples of networks and communities to put the concept into perspective. When one thinks about a physical…

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