Essay on The Current Day Movie Theater

1418 Words Oct 28th, 2014 6 Pages
Christian Dalonzo
Professor Chrapliwy
Intensive College Composition II
The Current Day Movie Theater They’ve been around for centuries: a place to grab a snack, relax, and watch the latest and greatest films. Movie theaters in the United States date back to as far as the 1800’s (Kramme). Since then, the theater industry has grown up a lot. Some offering over ten movies in the same theater, along with restaurants to dine in before the movie starts. While a lot has changed since the early beginnings of movie theaters, making them better than ever, there is one thing that has been getting worse: the cost. The entire idea around the movie theater now a days is becoming less and less exciting. According to Hollywood Reporter, the average price of a movie ticket in 2013 was $8.13 (Hayden). While only being an average, the price tag to watch a movie only one time is pretty expensive. From personal experience, it cost me $11 for one ticket, along with $5 for a medium soda and $7 for a large popcorn. An expensive night to enjoy some snacks and watch a movie if you were to ask me. While, in my opinion, movie theaters are too expensive, there still are advantages and disadvantages to attending. A few advantages being a large screen to view the movie, being one of the first to see the movie before it’s released on DVD or streaming, and finally a night out to relax. Many of these advantages are what seem to win people over when deciding to go to the theater, but as always,…

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