Essay on The Constitution And The Bill Of Rights

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Imagine an America with no Constitution and no Bill of Rights. There would be chaos and turmoil on every corner. You wouldn’t be able to walk to the grocery store without fearing for your life. The government—like Great Britain—would have far too much power. The people wouldn’t have a voice to be heard. If our fundamental rights weren’t outlined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, everyone would be a slave to the government. In the late 1700s, Colonial America wanted to break away from tyrannical rule. It was the vision of a new future that sparked the beginning of a free nation.
Before there was a constitution, we were a people at war. In 1776, Patriot General George Washington led a bloody battle in pursuit of freedom from the rule Great Britain. Although the Declaration of Independence was signed in August of 1776, the war was far from over (Hennessey 15). That winter, George Washington hoped to surprise the Hessian force while they were celebrating Christmas. On Christmas day, Washington marched his troops across the icy Delaware River. Of the 5,400 men, only 2,400 made it across in time to commence the attack—it was their last hope. Around 8 a.m. on the 26th of December, the army descended on the unsuspecting Hessians (Washington crosses the Delaware). Although this was a rather insignificant victory, it played an important role in the freedom of America.
When the news reached the American colonist, it raised their spirits. Maybe the war…

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