Essay on The Cold War By Isaac And Bell

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Isaac and Bell focus on the search for understanding the meaning of the cold war, questioning the reason for the peculiar naming of such event. The chosen words such as “cold” are general in a sense to understand the situation. The term used in the book Uncertain Empire: American History and the ideas of the Cold War calls cold as a descriptive word to understand the Soviet Union itself and the temperament between the Soviet Union and the United States. The word war used loosely to illustrate the gravity that is taken place; however, there were no major physical calamities between the two nations. Furthermore, to Isaac and Bell’s understanding, the cold war was about the restructuring of a third class society, or rather world, in some respect. Isaac and Bell did in fact involved other historians’ ideas and methodologies in respect to the author, Isaac, and Bell did not agree or partially agreed to some of the others findings of their vantage points such as: Anders Stephanson; Odd Arne Westad; Philip Mirowski; Steven Belletto; John A. Thompson, and Ann Douglas.
In the Uncertain Empire, Isaac and Bell dwell further the understanding of the cold war as they attempt to determine the movement itself, when did the communist movement begin? What caused the Cold War? What led the political shift of the United States? In many of their comments, they, and many other historians believe that the Cold War was maintained by the United States to enable the condition in allowing…

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