The Categories Of Malicious Computer Code Essay examples

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1. Distinguish among the categories of malicious computer code that can be used to invade or attack computers. Evaluate their relative threat and potential for damage. Unit 2. Nothing brings more fear to an individual when learning that a malicious code has been entered in his or her computer. This fear is the same feeling one experience when their credit card is stolen or compromised. The feeling of security quickly diminishes. Just what is a malicious code? Simply put, malicious codes are programs just like any other computer program which performs an explicit action. At times, malicious codes are written for lawful purposes such as advertisements, jokes or messages. Other times, malicious codes are written to be destructive or malicious which may include data and information, information acquisition and identity theft, covert control of another computer, or the shutdown of a computer, business site or Web site (Taylor, Fritsch, Liederbach & Holt, 2011). Malicious codes work by distributing a payload which is the part that possesses the malicious act or intent. The execution begins when the payload is activated by an action such as opening an email attachment or downloading a file. Other methods such as dates and conditions of the computer can also trigger a malicious code. Sophisticated malicious codes can possess self-execution codes to automatically trigger the malicious action. The effect a malicious code can have ranges from innocent to serious damage.…

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