The Book Privilege, Power, And Difference He Addresses The Matrix Of Capitalist Domination

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From the time we are born we are fed the lies of capitalism. We are raised in a society that hides the ones that are hurt by this powerful mindset. These people are swept under the rug to be dealt with later. Johnson and Robbins have very influential ideas about capitalism. Johnson writes about the matrix of capitalist domination. In this section he tries to explain the complexities of privilege and how privileges relate to one another. Johnson takes us back to when capitalism first began to take hold in the world and the anatomy of the working class. He explains how a variety of terrible circumstances adds to the terrible history that has plagued the history of capitalism.
In Johnson’s book Privilege, Power, and Difference he addresses the matrix of capitalist domination. To understand what Johnson is referring to the reader needs to look further back in the book to when he addressed privileges. Johnson asked the reader to list things such as his or her race, gender, class, sexuality, and several other qualities. Belonging one side or another of these groups can bring privilege or disadvantage. Race, for example, is a group where white people currently have privilege in the United States and many other countries due to their chances of obtaining jobs and have the odds stacked in their favor due to the nature of capitalism. This is a fact among all of the categories that Johnson lists. The “ideal” privilege of the categories listed is a white, heterosexual, male, and in the…

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