The Articles Of Confederation And Government Essay

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The Articles of Confederation, which was the United States ' first constitution and served from 1781 to 1789, did a poor job as the foundation for the country and quickly dissatisfied many citizens. Americans believed that it was disjointed and poor in handling economic problems. More than anything, they realized in light of Shay 's Rebellion that it was powerless against such events. They concluded that the central government needed to be stronger, particularly in its ability to tax, if the nation was to survive.
In 1787, fifty-five state representatives met in Philadelphia as the Constitutional Convention in order to draft the new Constitution. Here it was decided that the power of government should not come exclusively from the national or state governments, but from the people as a whole. Thus, the concept of federalism (the division of powers between the national and state governments) emerged to set the law of the country: the national Constitution was the "supreme law" of the land, but several important powers were left in the hands of the states. In order to further avoid an overt concentration of authority, the national government was divided by the "separation of powers" and "checks and balances", which would split the national government into three distinct branches and allow them to regulate each others ' power, respectively.
The drafting of the new Constitution posed a unique challenge for the founding fathers: they needed to strengthen the national government,…

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