The Article ' Jihad Vs. Mcworld ' By Benjamin R. Barber Essay

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In the article “Jihad vs. McWorld” written by Benjamin R. Barber, the main discussion is about the comparison of the Jihad world of “a threatened Lebanonization of national states in which culture is pitted against culture”(Barber, 1992, page 1) to the McWorld of economic and political globalization. Barber bases this idea off of the concept of “2 possible political futures”(Barber, 1992, page 1); the idea of seperation for every nation to have its own state, and the idea of it all becoming one. The contrast for these is that each nation cannot survive, as states some simply aren’t large enough. However the idea of becoming a single nation would not be as efficient either, because the amount of involved governing parties that would make it extremely difficult to decide. Respecting borders is the most important part of them, but needing them allows for sovereignties to create independent states. Many first world countries use globalization as an excuse. Barber discusses in this article about how nations can be the underdog or the top dog, and how that affects the population.
Barber in this article talks about both McWorld and Jihad in great detail, and in order for the reader to understand these terms he explains them by talking about how they are defined, and characterized. To describe McWorld Barber uses the four imperatives that make it up (Barber, 1992, page 2). These imperatives are the Market, Resource, Information-Technology, and Ecological. The Market imperative is…

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