The American Dream By Frederick Douglass And Benjamin Franklin

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Fresh from the sting of England’s strict rule colonial America established itself with cries of freedom and liberty. The ‘American dream’ is an often debated term- generally believed to encourage entrepreneurship, tolerance and liberty. While debated, the mark of a country’s intentions can be seen in whom they respect or whom they deem to be important or relevant.
Colonial America struggled to adhere to their desire for freedom. What seemed a black and white definition was in actuality only favorable to a select few. As in Europe, the rich white men were at ease and power, whilst the lower classes had little voice. Though a national religion had been abandoned, those not believing to at least the principles of a Christian doctrine were suspicious. The intent of freedom, however, was blatantly clear. In looking at the lives of Frederick Douglass and Benjamin Franklin it is possible to recognize America’s true values.
Frederick Douglass was regarded with great respect; even though colonial America’s political and social construct leaned in opposition to a free black man, it was impossible to deny him his strength of character. America respects those who create themselves and Douglass was the epitome in that regard. Raised as a slave he grew restless when recognizing the conditions his fellow slaves lived in. Only having been taught his letters briefly he managed to teach himself to read and write. Sometimes his lessons were from tricking the neighborhood boys and…

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