The Alternative School Of High School Essay

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I graduated from Hobbs alternative high school in Roby Texas, in 1997. The alternative school was for students who had been in trouble or for girls who were pregnant and needed to finish school a little sooner or at their own pace. I was not a trouble maker, nor was I pregnant. The school was offered to me as an alternative to spending another year in high school because I did not have enough credits to graduate. I had move between North Carolina and Texas in high school and did not have enough credits to graduate in Texas as where in North Carolina I did. While in high school I did work at Food Lion as a bagboy, cashier, and helped in other departments it was my first actual legitimate job I had until I graduated.
After high school I tried out for a minor league baseball team in Abilene Texas, and then worked at a restaurant called Chicken on the Run in my home town. I was mainly an assistant fry cook, food prep, and dishwasher. I began my day at chicken on the run by separating and washing chicken, then I prepped the buttermilk wash and flour mix for shrimp, chicken tenders, and steak fingers. Then when the business slowed down towards the end of the day, I would begin the break down and cleanup of the kitchen and wash the dishes. This job was my first and only job in food service nothing wrong with the work, just not my cup of tea. I only work at the restaurant for about six months before I decided to move on.
My next job was a clothing manufacturing facility called…

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