Essay on Technology And Its Impact On Society

872 Words May 5th, 2015 4 Pages
In today’s society, literacy is very vital and is how we are able to communicate and comprehend what others are saying. Having the ability to read and write is a skill that is used daily and something that gets taken for granted. For most people, it is like second nature and they forget that some people are not as fortunate. Illiteracy is a worldwide problem, there is no race, culture or social economic class that is unaffected. Fortunately as technology evolves it helps people who suffer from illiteracy. Technology helped solved some literacy issues for people that have trouble with reading and writing. Unfortunately, everyone does not learn the same way as others. Therefore, with the aid of technology people can access websites that help give people different options on ways to learn and retain facts. However, with technology constantly changing, people are frequently becoming more reliant towards them, which can become a problem later in the future. When it comes to literacy, technology does have its attributes that are both beneficial and ineffective. With society constantly changing, people must be able to read, write and problem solve. Enunciation, self-awareness and literary awareness are the characteristics of proficient literacy. Enunciation is very important because it does not matter what a person says if no one understands them. Technology has become a permanent fixture in today’s society, it changes the way we communicate with others. Throughout the years,…

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