Essay about State Violence : Police Use

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Another form of state violence is police use of deadly force. The police “justifiably” killed 343 persons in 2005 (U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2012). According to the government data collected from police agencies, this figure is down from the high point during the past thirty years of 462 in 1994. More accurately the numbers could be up to 29 percent higher (Loftin, Wiersema, and McDowall, 2003). In the Bureau of Justice report it notes that 39 percent of those killed justifiably were black, which is more than three times their representation in the population. The vast majorities were young; the modal (most frequent) age was twenty-two years of age. In an earlier report, it was noted that young black males, who made up 1 percent of the total U.S. population, were 14 percent of the felons “justifiably” killed by police in 1998” (Iadicola, Shupe p.313)”. We can see that the numbers are decreasing over the years, but African Americans until this day are still suffering of discrimination. When the police give a “justifiable” reason to the judge who considers it enough, the black community most of the times disagrees.
Many African Americans come to the United States to escape from the poverty, the lack of opportunity and misery from their country. They have this picture that they will come here and will be treated equally and will have a higher opportunity to succeed in life. That is not the case. Black people live under fear, they never know if they are going to be…

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