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Virus infection in Computers can be contacted through different means. Below are the commonest causes of Computer Virus attack.
1. Through the internet: The easiest and quickest means of spreading Computer Virus is through the internet. Basically through downloaded files and documents. When the source of a document is not trusted it should not be downloaded. If at all it will be downloaded it has to be thoroughly scanned for virus with a reliable anti-virus Software.
2. Through Email attachments: When the source of an email attachment is not known and trusted it should not be opened especially the messages of “get rich quickly”. Some of them are Scam and coded virus. This kind of offer is usually appealing and
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4. Your computer can’t connect to the internet
If you’ve done your usual troubleshooting with your Internet Service Provider, checked all the plugs into and out of the machine AND restarted the computer, then this can be a sign of malware. Certain malware blocks you from accessing the internet and receiving the help you need.
5. Your antivirus software has disappeared from your computer
As malware developers become more and more refined, the first thing they try and do is disable your antivirus or internet security software that is running.
6. Your applications won’t open or the computer keeps crashing
Certain malware stops you from opening programs on your computer (e.g. Microsoft Word). And having malware installed can also lead to system instability as the malware tries to propagate itself. This can result in your system crashing unexpectedly.
7. Your computer has new programs that you haven’t installed
If you haven’t installed the programs, you need to check the validity of them and uninstall them if you feel they are compromising your computer and your security. Situations like this can arise even when downloading what you think are “legitimate” files. We call these “drive by” downloads.
8. Your files are gone
Some of the nastiest malware around has had the ability to delete files.

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