Singles Day On Chinese Commerce Essay

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Singles day in China significantly affected Chinese commerce
Singles day is a kind of entertainment festival spreading in young people, who are priding in celebrating themselves single (the meaning of "bachelor" is "single").
The date of November 11(also as 11/11), contains four Arabic numerals "1”, whose shape is like four “solitary stick figures”. At the same time, “Solitary stick figures” are sharing the same Chinese characters with “bachelors”, and bachelors means single, hence November 11 represents for "singles Day" (bachelor’s Day, also “ Double 11 Festival” ) in China. That is the common origin known by Chinese people. However, it’s hard to be sure, but an often repeated explanation is that it started as a grassroots movement among students at Nanjing University in the early nineties. They bought themselves presents, as a sort of "anti-Valentine’s day". And developed through the Campus, Internet and other social media, which gradually formed a culture of singles day combined the network culture and campus culture.
November 11 (Singles day), a day to celebrate single, has gradually transformed into China 's biggest shopping event. how could this happen? Before 2009’s single day, many single netizens are just quiet bachelors. On this day, Bachelors were either having dinner or having a party with their single classmate and colleagues. Nobody would have thought the single day is going to turn into a huge "double 11" shopping festival. Mid to late 2009, Taobao mall…

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