Should School Year Round School? Essay

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Try to imagine what it would be like going to school year round. How would a student react to this or how would their parents act? Many people do not know or understand the outcome of going to school year round. The majority of the outcomes is positive and can truly have an impact an individual future dreams and goals. There can be a lot of positive effects that come out of those schools that go year round. Nowadays year around schooling has been increasing over the years and more and more schools are starting to change how long they are in session for. Going year around has a positive impact on a lot of young student’s life.
Students forget much of what they learned in school while on a long summer break. The primary educational benefit of year round school is that it facilitates continuous student learning. This is particularly true of disadvantaged for students for whom English is a second language. With year round schooling, less is forgotten over the shorter vacations, and teachers spend less time reviewing old information. (Author, Weaver, Tyler.)
The flexibility of a year-round calendar also offers several benefits. For example, schools can offer intersession programs where students participate in advanced, remedial, and enrichment classes. This flexibility can also help migrant students, who are in a serious disadvantage, because they are in and out of school several times each year. Allowing migrant families to choose their children 's vacation schedules may help…

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