Should Mobile Use Mobile Phones? Essay

1029 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
Should mobile allowed in school? Mobile phones is very useful and important technology developed in this era. Mobile phones become a need for every people as it perform various functions like video calling, texting, clicking pictures and to store data. But, schools never allowed student to use mobile phones in schools. I think mobile phones should be allowed in schools as it connect students with parents and friends, it act as learning source and students came to know how to use technology at right time. To begin with, mobile phones have many special features like maps, location locator and tractor. This is very useful when someone is lost and he wants to reach his destination then, he can use this features. If students have mobile phone can they can connect their parents if they have any emergency. For example-in case they forget their books or food. Sometimes the student become sick and did not feel comfortable so they can contact their parents and told them. Students also inform their friends if are absent in class and they need to tell them homework. “Scholars reported that parents used the mobile phone to monitor and regulate their teenagers. For example: Kopomaa (2000) noted that parents bought children mobile phones to reassure and supervise the children regardless of where they were and what they were doing. In the past, parents spoke to their children’s friends and classmates in order to follow their children’s activities by fixed-line phones. They might…

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