Essay on Sexual Desire And Sexual Determination

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In long-term relationships it can become a struggle to maintain sexual desire. Sexual desire, while including the physical component of arousal, is the motivation to seek out sexual activity and pleasure with a partner. Sexual desire tends to be at its highest at the beginning of a relationship but decreases over time (Impett, Strachman, Finkel, & Gable, 2008). Without a certain level of sexual desire couples also find a decrease of satisfaction in their relationship, making the relationship difficult to maintain (Ferreria, Narciso, & Novo, 2012). Reasons for decreases in sexual desire range from general to gender specific. While a certain amount of decrease in sexual desire and satisfaction is inevitable for most couples over long-term relationships, there are ways to increase and/or maintain them in order to “keep the spark alive.” The purpose of this paper is to investigate the reasons for the decrease of sexual desire in men and women and explore ways to increase or maintain sexual desire in long-term relationships. A decrease in sexual desire may be influenced by a number of different factors depending on the individual, their gender, their environment, or their biological make-up. Studies found that there are several common factors that influence sexual desire in both men and women. Attraction to partner, self-confidence, and fatigue were among the most influential for both sexes. Being attracted to one’s partner may include physical attraction and/or being…

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