Sexual Abuse And Sexual Act Essay

1109 Words Apr 11th, 2016 null Page
When you hear the words sexual abuse and rape, what pops into your head? An innocent, defenseless, woman or creepy looking man? While that version of events is the majority of cases, it is not all. Especially in my friend’s situation; my friend, a man, was sexually coerced by a women and was affected heavily. Men who have experienced any type of unconsented sexual act are negatively affected no matter their sexuality or gender of the perpetrator. However, due to the beliefs that men cannot be victims of sexual acts by the sex they are attracted to, men are not affected psychologically or physically from unconsented sex, and that erection signifies consent. Many men do not seek the help they need after an unconsented sexual act because of the persona that a man is no longer a man if he was hurt by a sexual experience.
When my friend told others about his experience, like most male victims, he found that many people did not understand. The girls gave no sympathy and many guys jeered at him for “complaining” or “whining” over seemingly nothing. When he confided in me what happened, I asked myself: why is it common that people believe all sexual activity is initiated by men? Has society helped paint the picture that men are and should be sex craved beasts while women are always innocent, delicate and pure? This image will be the highest hurdle for my friend and the male sex, to jump if they want people to acknowledge that this misdeed occurs.
One reason people feel it is…

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