September 11 : The Most Memorable Day Of American History Essay

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September 11 is the most memorable day in American history. On this day 19 hijackers flew American built planes into various important American buildings, including the Pentagon, the World Trade Center, and an attempted attack to the United States Capital. This lead to the devastating deaths of almost 3000 people. It was the biggest attack on American soil since the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This day has changed America forever, it has turned its people paranoid and desperate to regain the security a nation should provide. One turns on their Television today, 14 years after the incident, and can still witness American’s concern and fear for the war on terror. People go to airports and are obligated to remove their shoes, serving as a constant reminder that we are not safe. The idea of terrorist attacks and dangerous weapons of mass destruction have been drilled to the heads on the public. The idea of permanent warfare also remains in the minds of the American people and it is through this believe that we justify domestic and foreign rights violations, as a result people’s freedoms have been violated. In the search to gain supposed freedom America has been allowed to do things that prior to September 11 would have never been allowed.

As time progresses America’s true motives begins to be revealed. In James Petra’s article, “9/11 One Year of Empire-Building” he argues that the occurrences of September 11 were the starting points for the launching of the second version of the…

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