Science Essay

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Location: Oviedo, Florida
Time: 5:00 PM
Weather: Sunny and scattered clouds

• Few trees in mostly one side of the lake, they are thin with many green leaves. Have a cone shaped top.
• Green grass consistently around lake, appears to be healthy.
• Few bushes scattered along sidewalk, lighter green and thin.
• 1 or two thick trees on opposite side of lake near houses, are scattered per house. Branches of leaves reach the bottom of tree making it look like a giant bush.
• Water looks muggy, appears to have algae in lake.
• Many insects including but not limited to: mosquitos, love bugs, ladybugs, ants, spiders, and flies.
• I noticed many birds flying above but not at the actual lake, they would frequently fly
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A. I began my scientific process by observing the lake. I then formulated many questions, but focused on “What will the lake look like in 4 months?” With this question in mind, I brainstormed a hypothesis which was “In 4 months, the lake will look almost the same as it does now.” I then made testable predictions to see whether or not my hypothesis will be correct. To experiment this hypothesis, I will gather photos and write down notes of the lakes current status and then return in 4 months to see if the lake has in fact remained fairly the same. After all this has been done I will form a conclusion and be left with an experiment that others will be able to perform as well.
B. I believe that if other students went to the spot I went to, their observations would be very similar to my own with exception to weather. This is because the area is a very well taken care of location and with that being said, on a different day, you will only find few more observations besides the items I described in my observations. This relates to observations real scientists make because observations can be similar to each scientist but they likely will never be the exact same.
C. I would test my prediction by returning to the lake in 4 months. That would be the steps I need to take in conducting the experiment. This relates to what a real scientist would do because they

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