School Year At Eagle Summit Community Day School Essay

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Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year at Eagle Summit Community Day School. The following Student Handbook will provide information about the various programs, classes, activities, school policies, and many other topics. Please read the information carefully with your student and if you have any questions, feel free to contact the school. The staff at Eagle Summit provides an environment of safety, respect, and accountability while students prepare to improve the quality of life in world communities. The school provides an equitable opportunity for students to acquire a sound academic and career focused education. Students receive a strong foundation in humanities, English, science, history/social science, mathematics, and career technology. Interdisciplinary curriculum is presented in a way that is relevant to each student’s world. Specialized support is provided for students preparing for careers that require post-secondary training. We encourage parents to contact staff and establish strong communication ties. With continuous communication, we can prevent problems and create solutions. Sincerely,

Chad Brooks,
Alternative Education Administrator
3919 Nielson Road
Phelan, CA 92371
(760) 868-3442
(760) 868-5674 (Fax) (e-mail)

The Administrator of Eagle Summit Community Day School reserves the right to add sections, as appropriate, to this policy manual when changes are made through the California Education Code,…

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