School Systems And The School System Essay

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Anaheim school systems today have several self teaching ways that students tend to follow their entire life. The students of Anaheim have a daily routine that the teachers are giving them. High school students are taught out of a simple text book that has no contact to the outside world. They are told from a young age if they follow the way they are being taught they will succeed in their life.
Anaheim high school students are given factory work and expected to have it worked out that has connection to what the student knows or wants. Anaheim students have no choice on what they want to do or what connections they have to there daily lives or their future career. As these factory work is given out to students their grades start to plummet and they start to lose interest in what the school has for them. If this daily practice is changed there will be a change on how the students take in school.
Over 1.3 million students drop out of high school. Students will drop out when they see school not benefit them. If student see the material that they are taught out is not benefiting them or intersting them they lose their focus and start to give their key to success and dropout of school. High school students will tend to excel at their academics when there materials come from outside sources.
School students lose interest in school when there is no benefit to what they know. Is shown that some students after elementry give up on school. Like Jonathan From “The Secret to…

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