School Systems And The School System Essay

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I do think that all of the assumptions that are outline in the readings assigned for this unit can be characterized as negative or false in our school systems. One of the major problems that I believe to be most associated with these assumptions is the fact that they do not take into the account the diversity among students. I teach primarily co-taught courses which have students with a large array of strengths and weakness compared to other courses in the school. I have low-level learners, economically disadvantaged students, high disciplinary problems, average ability students, and even students who are higher than average in their academic ability. By grouping these students based on their age and regardless of their individual strengths, we are not allowing them to thrive in the education system. This uniformity in the school system is also demonstrated in the high number of standardized testing that we require of our students on a regular basis. The success of the diverse students within our school systems can not only be demonstrated through their scores on standardized testing. Allowing these assumptions to continue to guide our education systems is definitely a matter that should be prioritized when it comes to school reform. These assumptions are what have led us to curriculum that does not take into account the multidisciplinary nature of the world. According to Eisner (2003, p. 6), we must “think outside of the box about how we select content and organize…

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