School Social Workers And Schools Essay

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School social workers were created because of the need to intergrade communities more than they currently were in 1906. It all started in New York and Connecticut. The school social workers that started, helped connect public school and the families of the public school, and provided resources to help with what was needed during a difficult time. For instance, The Great Depression occurred and the school social workers were there to help. Due to other national problems, such as segregation, school social workers were able to break the field down into the different services they provide, “individuals, families, schools, and communities.” Other parts of the field include, teenage pregnancy and substance abuse. School social workers are a part of the School Social Work of America (SSWAA), which started in 1919 (Dulmus & Sowers, 2012).
School social workers work in a school setting, such as public schools including elementary, middle, high schools, as well as private schools. While working in those settings a school social worker will work with a diverse and various client population that consists of “students, families, other school personnel, and communities.” (SOWK BOOK) In addition, school social workers also work with clients who are gay and lesbian, homeless, and have mental or psychological disabilities (“School Social Work”, 2014).
Typically the ratio of school social workers and its clients consists of one school social worker for every two hundred and fifty students,…

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