Essay on School Schools Need Good Leaders

1253 Words Dec 10th, 2015 null Page
Schools need good leaders in order for their students to succeed. If you do not have good leaders in your school the less likely the students will be comfortable going to someone for help or with a problem they have. Not many schools today have good leaders. There are a lot of schools that I know that will not help students or help fix a problem, and are just too lazy to do anything. It is like they are there more for just the money and their benefit than the students. I feel that teachers put in less effort in helping their students. We need students to be able to feel like they can ask for help and not be worried that they will not get the help they need. In order for a school to have good leaders they need teachers that will provide help, be patients, demonstrate differently, and deal with problems the students are having. I have known teachers that are not willing to provide help to their students. Teachers tent to not help their students when they need it or only help them half way with a problem. They will either expect them to know everything after they taught the students the lesson. Sometimes the teacher will start to help someone out but not finish their duties to help get whatever the student needed help with through clearly to them. For example, they will explain how to do something, but it would not be clear to the student. The teacher would make them figure it out themselves. In order to be a good teacher you need to be able to provide the information clearly…

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