School Lunches Should Change The School Lunch Menus Essay

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Should changes be made in the regulations of school lunches? Are school lunches healthy enough for children that attend schools? Currently, the plan doesn’t seem to be portioned correctly for different body types, school systems are serving the same thing two or more times a week. Hopefully, this will give some solutions on how it can be solved and the steps that is need to be taken to correct this issue. If it is to benefit the students then it should be reviewed from all points of view that every child can benefit from this plan.
Across America, there has been new regulations made to the school lunch menus. These changes have been made so that the menus can be called healthy meals. Well, they may be healthy but, are they proportioned correctly per child? And, if they are proportioned correctly is it enough to give the brain fuel. Food is fuel for the brain, and a healthy body is a healthy brain. Beings that food is essential for healthy brain development, a change is indeed needed to the school lunch regulations.
The National School Lunch Program has been around for quite some time. According to FRAC about 95% of public schools participate in the National School Lunch Program. And, currently the number of students that participate in this program grow every year because the number of students enrolling in this program is continuously changing. This program is helping to ensure that school-aged children get the nutrients that they need to be successful in…

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