School Leaders Are The Highest Paid Employees On The School Campus

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School leaders are the highest paid employees on the school campus. They are given the most responsibility and often have the power to make decisions to improve student achievement. The purpose of this paper to review current literature about aspects of the school leader’s impact. This analysis is followed by an overview of what specific leadership behaviors have been linked to this achievement. One aspect of leadership that is focused on is the evaluation as a tool for leadership development and improvement. Research about the role and current state of such evaluations are presented as well.
In total, there is no doubt that school leaders can have a profound impact on the schools they serve and having a firm understanding of what behaviors have been proven to impact positive results and how effective evaluation can be used to ensure those behaviors are being done will improve education for every child.
We are also heading to a challenging situation regarding school leadership. In the United States, there will soon be a significant turnover of unprecedented proportions. The American Association of School Administration (Davis, Darling-Hammond, LaPointe, & Meyerson, 2005) estimate that more than 40 percent of school leaders will be eligible for retirement in the near future. This change will require a new look at how school leaders are recruited and retained. Leadership evaluation will once again be an area to review and improved.

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