Essay about School Is Bad For Children

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John Holt’s “SCHOOL IS BAD FOR CHILDREN” article was nothing short of a bogus,

exaggerated, and an opinionated piece of writing that’s been filled with far too many

generalizations about what and how a child should “learn” in school. It’s ridiculous that John Holt viewed school as something actually detrimental. Although it’s difficult to entirely disagree about his claims in every single point in his writing because some of it is applicable to certain types of students and school. Ultimately school was built for the purpose of aiding society develop. School also plays an important and essential role beginning with learning about the basis of society that child lives in, the basic interaction with another individual to create social skills, and discipline taught in classrooms that will be necessary in the real world. In the time period Holt lived in may have been very different from today however In short, school is good for children.

A brief summary of “SCHOOL IS BAD FOR CHILDREN” begins with how an excited child entering school is elated and curious about what they could learn quickly vanishes for they soon found themselves in what Holt describes as a cold environment with a robotic-like setting. The child is asked to stay put, listen, and observe the teacher. The first lesson that is taught by the teachers and bluntly state that “Learning is separate from Living”(Page 1, 2nd paragraph) and more lessons include that none of the child’s prior thoughts…

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