School Funding Is Necessary For A School Essay

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It is very important for a country to be filled with educated people. This allows people to know more about the world around them, not make uneducated decisions, and fight the ignorance that can lead to violence. The United States government has made it their task to educate all of its citizens. From a young age to early adulthood, free education is an option. However, it is mandatory for nearly the first eighteen years of a citizen’s life. Unfortunately, not everyone will graduate from high school, people will even drop out of school before they get there, and schools might not have the necessary resources to help students in need. Money is necessary for a school to function. The question is, will more of it improve the school? Some agree that money alone can help improve a school, but others believe that schools will improve depending on how the money is spent..
School funding is required for a school to function. More of this will help the students learn. Nicole Amato, a 10th grade English teacher, can relate: “A classroom of 35-plus students without books is hardly a learning environment, especially when compared to suburban and private schools where the average class size is 20 students and resources are plentiful.” She refers to her past experiences teach in a low-income school and working in a private school. Students could read and write in their books since they owned the in a private school, but in a low-income school students only had the class period to read the…

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