School Food Menus Should Be Changed Public Schools Essay example

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Assignment 3
In America itself only about two percent of kids eat a healthy diet. The topic I selected is if changes should be made to the regulation for food being served in public schools. I say yes, the school food menus should be changed in all public schools. The main reason I selected this article is because America is unhealthy in general and obesity is on the rise mainly due to the fact of unhealthy food. Also I went to public schools for over a decade and have seen the unhealthy food that is being served. Today a kid is more likely to be obese or have diabetes before finishing high school, which is largely in part of what they eat. Changing the public food system takes a lot of encouragement from the USDA, congress, staff members, and even the parents of the children. If the changes are made, it can help them from being obese, children can improve their lifestyle choices, and lastly it prevents them from getting harmful diseases.
The history of and the status of having the school food menus is a long and lengthy issue. The National School lunch program (NSLP) started in 1946 by President Harry Truman to safeguard the health and well being of the children. NSLP serves over 30 million and spends over 8 billion, which makes it a big contributor. The main issue is the rise in being overweight or having obesity, and also the issue of quality of food being served at schools (Ralston, k.r (2008) the national lunch program). The main issue is if food…

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