Essay about School Education Vs. Public Schools

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I cannot tell you how many times I have been in a conversation, telling someone about my home education, and the person I was talking to used the phrase “regular school” in reference to public school. Most American’s are unaware of the fact that public schools have only been the common means of education in the U.S. for a short time, less than 200 years. In that time the school system has gone through many changes and reformations; one of the results being compulsory education laws that required parents to send their children to a public school. In the 20th century, some parents began to fight for their rights to educate their children at home. Some cases even went to the superior and supreme courts including: People v. Levisen, State v. Massa, and Perchemlides v. Frizzle. Today home education or homeschooling, as it is often referred to, is rising in popularity. According to the Home EDucators Resource Dictionary the top reason parents choose to educate at home is because they believe they can provide a better education that the public schools. I believe that home education has more advantages than the public school system because the learning environment derives students that are academically ahead and better equipped for life.
The environment between public school and being at home is drastically different. First, the class sizes in American public schools are overloaded. The average class size in American primary schools is 23 students and 24 students in secondary…

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